Rulers of smart casual on the high street, REISS show us how to keep things stylish and smart, even on our down days.
With each passing year, the gap between smart and casual wear seems to get increasingly blurred. In most workplaces, a sweater mixed with some smart trousers and a pair of trainers is now considered perfectly acceptable outfit, discounting the likes of law and finance professions obviously.

With this in mind, many retailers are now offering smarter alternatives to what would have previously been exclusively casual items. If there's one brand that's always excelled in the marriage of smart and casual, it's REISS; focusing on well made, design led pieces - they're the original kings of smart casual.

The stylish ensemble created below is a perfect example of how one outfit can fit multiple purposes. It could easily serve as either casual, office or evening wear making it a solid wardrobe buffing investment.

Keeping things casual? Pair with the white leather trainers and backpack we've shown below for a smart, yet off-duty look. If it's office wear your looking for, mix in a pair of black leather loafers and a simple envelope style leather clutch.

The smart, textural crew neck jumper adds depth and personality to the outfit. The dapper trousers can either be left as they are, or rolled up for a more casual affair. It's all in the simple little swaps and styling tricks! And who said fashion wasn't easy?

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