Brooklyn Beckham shows us how to attend a show with style at the Teen Choice awards in the US.
Ok, so having David and Victoria Beckham certainly gives him a head start, but I think it's safe to say that Brooklyn Beckham has some seriously stylish taste in clothing. It's certainly a whole lot more sartorially savvy than anything most of us 'normal folk' would have been seen in at seventeen.

Attending the Teen Choice Awards with girlfriend, Chloe Moretz, Brooklyn turned up in a monochromatic polka dot shirt, some black skinny jeans a stylish fedora hat. Not forgetting his $6,000 cartier bracelet to top it off.

Now, while most of us probably won't be splashing out on a cartier bracelet anytime soon, it's a pretty easy outfit to recreate otherwise. Most guys should have at least one or two of the pieces Brooklyn's wearing in their wardrobe, and if you haven't got a fedora yet you'r seriously missing out on some style points. Happy shopping!

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