Lady Gaga steps out in pretty pink flowing dress to show us mere mortals how to wear pink... the right way.
The past couple of years have seen 'Mother Monster', or Lady Gaga to you and I, slowly take a few steps back in her previously outrageous styling game. From impressive shows of tech-packed bubble dresses to a downright insane meat dress - Gaga's craziest fashion days seem to have been left in the past.

Now, just because she's no longer repping the craziest looks out there on a daily basis does not mean, in any shape or form, that she's lost any of her style merits. It only takes looking at the picture above to work that one out.

Stepping out in an ethereal Caroline Herrera flowing pink number, Gaga paired the dress with a pair of fashion sunnies and a beautiful baby blue bag. Looking to recreate the look? How about this absolutely incredible Valentino gown, paired with a some seriously stylish sunglasses and leather heels. Finish off the look with a gorgeous pastel blue bag and you'll be getting just as much attention as the star herself - enjoy!

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