Kendall Jenner never ceases to disappoint, want to recreate her Jimmy Kimmel appearance outfit? Read on!
As one of the world's most famous faces, Kendall Jenner's sartorial savvy is always under public scrutiny. Needless to say, alongside this scrutiny comes the constant stream of clothing from the world's most illustrious designers; in this case - zeitgeist Italian fashion house - Gucci.

Stepping out after her Jimmy Kimmel appearance a few days ago, Jenner stunned us in a Gucci skirt / cami top combination that left everyone longing to recreate the lingerie-inspired look.

While you can pop into your local Gucci store to pick up the exact pieces yourself, they're currently not available online so we took the time to select an alternative. Pairing this button up Versus Versace skirt with a slinky yellow Forte Forte cami top will give you an almost visually identical getup. Mix in some Kurt Geiger boots and a divine Lanvin choker and, dare I say it - you'll be giving the ethereal Jenner a run for her money!

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